Tips for Seniors to Help Exercise Safely

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Seniors today are much more active than ever before. It seems like each generation is becoming more aware of all of the wonderful opportunities that exist for adults over 50. As more seniors begin to explore their real passion for life, the physical status can sometimes be overlooked.

It is important that you never become so engulfed in an activity that you forget about your body. This does not mean you should hang up your boxing gloves or tennis racquet, you just need to remember that safety is just as vital to the enjoyment aspect; it is always best to err on the side of caution.

Tip #1 – Consult your physician. Anyone over 50 knows that you and your doctor should have a pretty good relationship. They will be able to determine how much physical activity you can perform on a daily basis. They will also give you warning signs to look out for, should you overdo a session or two.
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PS3 Fitness Games – Have Fun Getting Fit

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Do you have a Playstation 3 console? If so, then you can have fun and exercise at the same time in your home with PS3 fitness games.

Some of the titles that fall under the category of exercise titles follow the traditional model of being able to choose which areas you’d like to workout. Often, these are also customizeable to the point in which you can pick your favorite exercises and focus only on those instead of forcing yourself through mundane or boring routines.

Many of the fitness titles use the Playstation Move to track your movements to be sure you are performing the exercises correctly.

From personal experience, I prefer three titles for fitness on the PS3. These title are:

1. The Fight Lights Out!

2. EA Sports Active 2

3. Kung Fu Live

The Fight Lights Out requires the use of two PS3 Move controllers. This game will cause you to break a sweat as well as keep your heart rate elevated. If you haven’t used certain muscles that boxers use such as the back, arms, and shoulders, you may notice some soreness your first time after playing.
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Marathon Training – Training Weak Vs Training Strong

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One of the most challenging aspects of training for a marathon as a beginner is learning how to train to win. If you are not coming from an active background, you may have the urge to do the bare minimum just to get by. For example, instead of training your body to run as fast as possible so you can win, you may only train hard enough to keep up with the crowd.

This statement is not an attack on anyone’s personal abilities. Running in a marathon at any speed is tough, and anyone taking part in a marathon is showing some sort of determination. Basically, this statement is for those who are putting in the minimum effort but expecting to see the greatest results. If you are running in marathons to be the winner, or to build up your speed, you need to train as if you wish to win. You need to train strong.

What is the difference between training weak and training strong? The answer is quite simple. Training weak is going through the movements without putting forth much effort. Training strong is training hard until you reach your desired goal.

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How to Increase Jump Ability

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As natural as breathing seems to be, jumping for the majority of people is just as natural; however, for some, the natural ability to jump higher is greater than that of other individuals. It is commonly misconceived that taller people can jump higher; but studies have shown that shorter people actually usually have a better vertical jumping ability. There is a way to increase your jumping height. Several workouts and exercises are meant to help in this manner; however, there are specific ones that help increase your vertical jumping abilities. The way this is accomplished is by utilizing the muscles that are used for jumping and thereby toning them for your maximum power during your jump. These jumping exercises are known as plyometrics, and are known to be the most effective means of How to Increase Jump abilities. There are other exercises, as well, that can help you jump higher if that is your goal

Just as when you start any type of exercise routine, there are considerations that you want to take into account before beginning any type of jumping training program. You know your body better than anyone and you also know the fitness level that you can handle. This will prove to be important information, as the level of training you can tackle will have much to do with how much your body can handle and how often. You will want to consider what types of exercises will be best for your body shape and the level of fitness that you want to achieve. Plyometrics and training in resistance are the most popular routes to take for this type of training. Those that are experienced enough will combine these two training types to obtain the best results. For particular sports, such as basketball, these two types of training have proven results as far as being able to increase your jump height.
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How to Treat Ringing In Ears Properly – Causes and Treatments

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Ringing inside the ears or tinnitus is a very common health disorder that occurs to many people all around the world. Actually, tinnitus is only a temporary hearing disorder, but the length of time is different from one person to another depending on the causes and conditions as well. Serious tinnitus can last for a very long time until years. Nevertheless, there are only very few cases of tinnitus that occur for a lifetime. Although health care professionals and scientific researchers have not found the specific medications yet, some possible treatments are possibly done to minimize or treat the disturbing ringing in the ears. However, treatments should be conducted based on the causes. The following are the information about rare and common causes of tinnitus. if you are currently suffering the health disorder, read the explanation:
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Do You Suspect Hearing Loss?

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You aren’t alone

Millions of people in the U.S. are suffering from some form of hearing loss, but so many have done nothing about it! While hearing impairment is a very common issue, many simply do not understand their options and thus do nothing to help themselves. While many may know that they do not hear as well as they used to, they still wait until the issue becomes severe before seeking help. Unfortunately, the longer without a solution, the worse the situation becomes…stressing the individual, their family, and hurting their communication ability further.

Hard to tell

Perhaps you lost your hearing so slowly that you did not realize at first. Family and friends tend to be the first to notice your issues with communicating. They may note that you “aren’t listening” or “blame others for your problem”. While you may feel aggravated by their accusations, take them to heart. Why would they be saying that? Maybe you have noticed that others always seem to mumble, speak unclearly, or too softly. Perhaps you have noticed that you have to lean into the conversation, ask for repetition, or follow mouth movements to fully understand. All of these may be symptoms of an underlying hearing impairment.
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